BB Riley, Show me yours Scroll down for my finished Riley

I am doing Riley soon. I want to use the front loading body. Which one did you prefer, the one that is listed on her related items page body #565 which is 11 inches? Or body #647 which is 9 inches?
Also which eyes did your prefer 20 or 22mm.

She is my favorite and I am going to do two, though not at the same time. My second will be a boy, they will be twins. They will be my keeper babies. I am also thinking about doing a front and back plate on the first one.


I used body #565 and love the way she posed. Here’s my Riley from a couple months ago. Also I used 20mm eyes but should I ever do another Riley kit I’d definitely use 22mm. There was too much white of the eye showing for me.



Pretty Pretty Pretty!!!

Thank you.

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so adorable amazing job

bump - No one else???

She is beautifully done

@DancesWithDolls did I tell you that I love her eyes, I may use that size.

I used body #565 and 20mm eyes. I learned a lot with Riley and I plan to redo her body soon. She will always be special to me since she was the 1st reborn I ever did. Hope to see yours soon!


DancesWithDolls - She’s darling.

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Oh my, she is beautiful! Thanks for showing her.
I can’t wait to do mine, I am making her number 9. I am going to order her body and things soon.

Here’s my Victoria Laney from the Riley sculpt. I got her in a Mother’s Day swap. she was painted for me by Melaney Ramirez.


@lollipop_cradle Awe, she is even Beautiful Bald! Thank you! I have not seen a bad Riley yet. I love all of them.

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Eyes are beautiful


This is my Riley from several years ago


Thank you all for showing them, I love everyone’s pics. I got some stuff for her, waiting on eyes. I will do a WIP since she is a keeper. @PunkinDoodleLoves I love that you did 2 they are adorable. @heartstringsnursery another beautiful Riley. I am so anxious to get started. I have 4 I am working on, one waiting, then Riley, she will be my last before my big move.


Finished!! Thank you everyone for your inspirations!!

Just adding a note to self:
Waterborne Paints
Body #300
And dark blue eyes from?
Human black and brown hair mixed.


She is so cute! Little Diva. :wink:

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Thank you @lollipop_cradle she really did take almost 3 months, lol.

Great job!

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