BB please clarify Jewel's kit's parts

I just saw the wonderful prototype of Jewel by Angela Mueller. I am in total love with this sculpt and think that this is the nicest one I have seen of Denise’s. In the description of the baby it is mentioned that Jewel comes with FULL limbs, and a BELLY PLATE. When I went to the gallery listing for Jewel the description reads 3/4 limbs and no mention of a belly plate.
Could you clarify please what exactly the kit will be like? Will it include a belly plate? and exactly what kind of limbs does she have?
Thank you so much!

Here is a link to Jewel on our website.



And here is the full item description for Jewel from that link:

[list]*Made from our Extra Soft Bountiful Baby BabySkin™ Vinyl. About 18 inches long, includes vinyl head, 3/4 vinyl legs, and 3/4 length vinyl arms.

Comes ready to reborn-- no need to remove factory paint or factory blushing!

If you use a wig for Jewel, size 12-13 is the correct size.
Check out our special body for Jewel (item #1492)!*[/list:u:1r0awg7d]

We do not say anything about “full limbs” or a “belly plate”. Perhaps you are reading that from the artist’s eBay prototype auction? If so, that isn’t us saying it. And if it is not us, we cannot control what is said.

Purely for illustration, and as another example for other kits, most of our kits that are about 20" can use either body #1804, or body #1625. Body #1625 is a full legged body, and we manufacture most kits of that size so that it looks fine with a full legged body. Hence, some people might call such a kit “full legs”, but we usually don’t.

In other words, a lot of this depends on what body is used during the reborning. For any eBay auction of a prototype, we often do not know what body the prototype artist used, because those artists are independent artists, and not employees of Bountiful Baby.

For Jewel, as noted in our own item description (as shown above), we call her “about 18 inches long”, and with 3/4 limbs.

Also, until a kit is actually released, our own item description is subject to revision. Sometimes we even make guesses-- for example, we just put Gabriel on our website, and we listed body #1804 for Gabriel. Gabriel is a Michelle Fagan sculpt, and is about 20". Tory and Trey are also Michelle Fagan sculpts about 20", and body #1273 is a best fit body for those. And, for Rina and Raine (two more Michelle Fagan sculpts about 20") body #1804 is a best fit body. So, does Gabriel (a 20" sculpt by Michelle Fagan) use our body #1273 or body #1804? We don’t know, and we already gave the prototypes away, so we cannot tell until we receive the shipment. We think body #1804 is a better fit for Gabriel (in fact, we are pretty sure of it, but not absolutely positively sure), and so body #1804 is what we put in the item description. But that information in the item description is subject to revision, pending receipt of the actual production shipment.

And yet another example: we’ve seen plugs and ring sizes change from the prototype to the actual production pieces. In this case, for Gabriel, we put “If you use plugs and rings, this baby should be able to use the xxmm neck ring, xxmm head plug, xxmm leg plugs, and xxmm”, and then we revise it with the actual sizes once the production shipment arrives.

So again, as mentioned, our own item descriptions are subject to revision, pending receipt of the actual production pieces, and not just receipt of the prototypes. We do try to give you the best heads-up we can, though, and as early as we can. And then we make corrections as necessary.

Hope this helps to explain things!

Bountiful Baby