BB please answer

Could you please tell us what size the little fairys /elves are going to be -I would like to start clothes for mine while I wait for them to come out …please !!! Also santa and mrs -I want to do a Grama and grampa for my In-laws


The fairys/elves are approximately 16" long. Santa Claus is approximately 34" and Mrs Claus is approximately 32".

Unfortunately, the fairys/elves (Rainy, Skeeter, and Cricket) as well as Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, will not arrive in time for this Christmas season. They will not come until early January. We are disappointed by this, but there isn’t anything we can do.

Hope this information is of use to you.

Bountiful Baby

Thank you for the answer and I am so happy about the sizes !!!

My question with the elves is----Are they made like babies or slender like the Stoete fairies?

I think they will have cubby toddler limbs -and they look about4- 5 years old to me -OH I cant wait !!!

Yes, that is correct. The fairys/elves look more like a 5 year old child than a newborn baby.

Bountiful Baby

Thank you. Guess I have to start thinking of clothing.