BB Next Release, plus Sale Info

We have several new kits that were shown and/or announced at the ROSE show. Some are very close to release.

Jessica (here at Bountiful Baby) generally plans the releases-- which ones to release and when to release them. She sent me an email Friday telling me she was planning on releasing a new kit on Tuesday. At first she was saying it would probably be Brittany that she released, but then she followed up and said we do not have enough bodies for Brittany right now, and will likely release Marissa instead.

In general, we prefer to not have a lot of kits on sale during a new kit release. It just becomes too overwhelming otherwise. And, right now there are a LOT on sale. This will change when the release happens. Thought everyone might want to know this, so that you can plan accordingly.

You can always see which kits are currently on sale by visiting our home page:

Thanks so much, everyone!

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby


I have a question about the limbs. Looks like thee’s a ton of them listed but many are out of stock. Are there plans for those to be in stock? I don’t think i missed anything.I placed an order late last night and was on this am. Just curious.

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We don’t (generally) take kits apart to provide individual parts. -Nevin

No, no. Under the parts section, it looks like a bunch of seconds and test pieces were added but they all say out of stock. I didn’t see them last night and its a bunch of them. I don’t really think i missed them for sale. It looks like they were just added last night but none of them are in stock. You might be onto something there. Limbs on demand! Thanks.


Never mind, they are gone. Maybe a glitch somewhere. Hmm, very bizarre.


@bbsupport Thanks so much for sharing this info :heart: I was waiting on Joseph to go on sale and was so happy to see him on the sale page today! Now I’m patiently waiting for Ashley’s release :blush: