Bb new vinyl

I received my Michelle kits yesterday, and my spice kits yesterday. The color in the vinyl is like a light pale yellow/. Michele’s head is hard. Are all the latest new release kits like this? I just ordered summer rain awake, I wonder is she the same way?:thinking:

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Some kits are like that and some are the older vinyl because BB uses two different factories now. Due to the pandemic the usual factory can’t produce as much kits as they normally do, so they use another factory as well. But their vinyl is different.
So likely not all new kits are like that and hopefully the regular factory can go back to producing all the kits very soon.


I knew they was using another factory for production. I didn’t know if they are just using the new factory only. And was wondering if all the newly released kits are produced from that factory.

I have Christopher awake and his vinyl is a neutral color but his head is harder than the older kits, Nothing like Felicity though. I ordered Summer rain awake also.


I wish BB would put in their description what type of vinyl it will be. I’ve been hesitant to order anything because of that.


The Michael I got when he first come out was Soft but some of ones that I’ve got most are hard! And I hate it!

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Me to! I just ordered Summer Rain awake and I will be very disappointed if she is hard.


Felicity is awful!


Me too, but I took a chance n ordered spice n Michele . They both were seconds. I wouldn’t wanna pay full price for their vinyl.

A lot of them are turning up hard and it really does a number on my wrist and heating them up and it makes the process much longer for rooting seriously and then it makes me dread it which also drags out the process. My Canon heads are soft

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I got a seconds Michelle and I don’t see anything wrong with her. The head on mine isn’t rock hard. I tested putting a rooting needle through it (with no heat) and it was fine. While the color of her vinyl does have a very slight yellowish tint I don’t think it will affect the final result.


I usually don’t inspect my kits when I get them. But since people had been complaining about the hardness of the heads. I inspected them. Spice head is not that hard. But Michele, I knocked on her head n it sounded like I was knocking on a door.

I got the Spice seconds and her head was not hard at all. It had a slightly more yellowish tint than the limbs as they put in the description, but I should be able to even it out when painting.

From what they’ve said, they use both factories currently.

Not all the BB new releases are the new vinyl.

Here’s how to tell the difference. One each kits page BB shows the blank versions.

The older Chinese/normal vinyl. The flanges are typically thicker and irregular. The vinyl itself is slightly shiny such as this one

The new vinyl which I suppose is German is typically more matte and the flanges are thinner and more uniform.

I check out all the new kits blanks before purchasing as I’ve had trouble with the new vinyl.


Thank you, that’s good to know

Yes good to know. I’m just afraid once their done if we will get the same cuddle effect or is it gonna feel like the old hard plastic dolls.:unamused:

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The new vinyl is really hard for us rooters


So am I going to be sad with all the kits I purchased? I have not really paid attention to them. I have marine, Dustin and canon I believe.

I think I bought Canon last year before the COVID outbreak. He should be the old vinyl unless he sold out and then sent to the new factory later on.