BB mini bodies help

Hey y’all.

I’m trying to temporarily put together a BB mini baby and can’t get the legs to fit in. The jointed part isn’t deep enough to accommodate the leg flange. The legs won’t go on. I have all three mini babies and bodies. Any advise please?

Never been able to use those bodies too. I make my own.

I can’t sew :frowning: I need to use them.

I trimmed some of the flange off my babies legs to make them fit. Not enough to weaken the joining of the leg, but just enough to make it fit. It is frustrating.

I was thinking that! Or try and melt the vinyl down a bit. How did you trim them? around the edges?

Yes. Along the part that goes into the opening part of the body. Just a little at a time until if fits. Not too much. I used the scalpel, but be careful. It can cut more than you wish (as I am sure you already know!) if you are not very careful.

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Also, I have two that I made for myself, and they have held up just fine. Even when my 1 1/2 year old great-grand-son picked them up and threw them on the floor! Guess he didn’t like dolls! LOL

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Lol! Too funny!! Thank you so very much!! God Bless!

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You are so welcome! Glad I could help.

Those bodies don’t fit. Irresistables has one that does-#1010. It costs a little more but it’s so worth it.

Hi, are you able to unpick the line of stitching that is supposed to go over the flange (so that all looks neat) then sew a line of gathering stitch with dental floss right on the very outer edge of the flange cover, insert the flange and pull your gathering thread (dental floss) up tight and tie off? This used to work with porceline dolls. Good Luck.

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I just kept pulling and stretching, lol.

I just finished one and I just pulled it really tight with a pliers and it went down into the groove okay.

I was a mold maker back in the day, and I didn’t even think of taking that flange down to where it was fitting perfectly. It doesn’t hurt the integrity of the vinyl. They are perfect now without purchasing anything (which I was hoping for). BB shouldn’t be offering these bodies for the little one’s. Lots of careful effort! ty @Jacelyn5440
@AnnieSokay my hands just don’t have that kind of strength :slight_smile: I had tried and tried.

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We just made Byron with the suggested body and it seemed to fit fine.


I do think it would be nice if the would review those bodies for the 10" and correct the leg joints for future babies sold.


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Mine didn’t do that at all. I forced it as much as I could take. I cut the vinyl down and it’s perfect. I have a couple of other bodies and will check them out when I can. They weren’t second bodies either.

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Mine haven’t either.

What a bummer, mine fit just fine. Hope you get it to fit.

I have also made a Byron and had no issues with the recommended body. Odd how some can fit perfect and not others.