BB kits the same

Is it just me or has BB had the same kits for awhile now with no new ones.

Yeah, there’s not much new…

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Ivy was recently released and Wendy will be soon. The Realborns are released quite often.

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Do you need more ? We are all broken :slight_smile:

And Joseph awake

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Realborns seem to be released faster than I could ever keep up with. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Ivy, Giant Joseph awake, that awesome new torso, Johanna, Patience and Wendy soon…

Personally I don’t need them to release kits any faster. I’m broke enough as it is. :rofl:


If I could get away with it I would be holding my breath for 7 month June. I will be the first to check her out in my shopping cart lol

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I’m waiting for her, too.

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I think they have been putting realborns out like crazy.

I wouldn’t be surprised of they do only realborns at some point, they really have cornered the market with those.

I feel bad for the people who started doing this years ago and only had a couple sculpts to choose from that had troll feet, funny ears and goofy faces. We are pretty lucky we have so many choices.


I think Ivy is next. She’s huge. Not like joseph of course but pretty big to me. I’be been working on micros though so any other kit is huge to me lol