BB is giving away lots of FREE STUFF!

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We are giving away lots of FREE STUFF! Check this out to see:


Thanks so much, everyone!

Bountiful Baby

Bountiful Baby
http://www.bountifulbaby.comThe Highest Quality and Lowest Cost Kits On The Web!
Customer Service: 208-359-3007
Toll Free: 855-9REBORN

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Hi, I have bought kits and had someone else bring my babies to life. I am a cancer survivor and my fingers don’t work like they used to. I would love to have a chance to have one of the wonderful artists create a perfect little one to add to my collection of little ones. Thank you so much for having such realistic looking kits. Have a nice day! Thanks, Donna B.

The link for the coupons does not work.

I can’t get the link to work either.

i want a reborn baby because im to old to have a real baby

The post was from April (5 months ago). Don’t know how this thread got pulled up again. We have locked it now.

Bountiful Baby

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