BB glass eyes cracks?

Are cracks and imperfections normal in the Bountiful Baby oval glass eyes? I ordered one pair awhile back and loved the look and fit of them, but noticed both eyes had small cracks. I was going to exchange them, but some time went by and I figured I’d use them later on for a keeper instead of dealing with the hassle of returning them. I ordered a few more pairs of these eyes and they arrived today. All have cracks and imperfections. One eye even arrived broken in half. I noticed in both shipments they had no bubble wrap or other protection. I really love the look and price of these eyes, were both of my orders flukes? Does anyone have experience with these eyes? Thanks!

I don’t, but it seems like glass eyes should be bubble wrapped. Maybe whoever shipped them thought they were acrylic.

I had two pair break that I received from them literally moments apart but they replaced them. They were brown as well and larger. I have noticed another pair or two that had a surface crack but not really visible or concerning. My last order they wrapped them up really well so I’m not if the batch was bad or just shipping was the issue.

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Now I know I’m going to start making eyes. Lol

This is not the first time I heard of this with glass eyes. What a hassle!!


@DollyPardon Yes, please do!

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@DollyPardon You totally should!!

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I’d contact BB if I were you.
They should know to pack the eyes better.
I’ve ordered acrylic eyes from China before and they were so wrapped up in bubble wrap I didn’t even know what it was at first. But they were perfectly protected.

Do it please

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BB has the best customer service so I’m sure they’ll replace them or refund.

Normally they don’t wrap and I usually order my eyes from them BUT I believe a week or so ago I ordered 2 pair of them and they were wrapped in layers of brown paper.

Bountiful Baby is awesome! They are shipping out replacement eyes to me:) I’ve never had any other problems with my orders, I love Bountiful Baby!!