BB Full Body Silicone video?

Has anyone here purchased a BB full body Blinkin kit and taken a video? I would love to see how it moves. I have not seen one in person or on video. I am tempted to get one on sale to make a more affordable full body to sell but I wanted to know what it is like.


I was thinking of getting her… if I do I’ll take a video

That would be great but I don’t want to miss the sale so if I get her I have to do so today. This is why I was wanting to see her movement to be sure she isn’t stiff looking.

I did find where this doll has been copied with different hands.

Too bad it’s a copy. I like those hands much better.


I have pretty much decided not to get this one since I have so much to paint already. I have a repeat customer who ordered her just to enjoy blank and said she might have me paint hers later on as she can afford to. So I will just wait I think.

Those are Nod’s hands, I think. I prefer them as well