BB Forum Baby Pageant Reminder - entries due 4/20!

Please remember that all Baby Pageant entries must be emailed to Kim (Advanced) or Carmen (Novice) by this Friday, April 20th. This month’s theme is : Easter Bonnets and Baskets.

Kim KasaKaitas … forum ID : kimomax … email: kmkmsbt@yahoo.comCarmen McNair … forum ID : mcnair6 … email:

Rules and Information:

The Monthly Baby Pageant (MBP) is not sponsored by BB but instead, by several long-term members of this wonderful forum. BB’s only role is that of providing the platform on which we can learn from each other and encourage others to push the boundaries of their art. We firmly believe that competition is an incentive to each of us to do our best and improve our reborning skills and as such, have created this pageant to push the artist in each of us. Any and all concerns should be directed to the pageant hosts and not to Bountiful Baby. Good luck!

All active BB Forum members are encouraged to vote once for the baby who BEST fits all the following criteria:
… • Overall presentation: including outfit, posing, props, photography and theme
… • Painting - including nails, creases, lips, skin tones and mottling, if done
… • Hair: rooting, painted/rooted or bald if appropriate for the sculpt and overall look of the baby.

Monthly, the best over-all Baby Pageant winner will be announced and a logo will be sent to the winning Artist on the 1st of the following month which is the start of the next pageant’s month. The logo will be the same each month with an outside border depicting that month’s theme (for example: shamrocks for the March “Wee L’il Ones / Luck o’ the Irish” competition).

Here are the MBP rules:

  • Only Active Forum Members can participate in the pageant (entering a baby and voting).
    … • Minimum posts: 150, of which at least 50 must be recent
    … • Must be currently posting at least 4 times a month

  • For the purpose of this pageant, all babies entered must be Bountiful Baby sculpts.

  • Each baby may only enter one monthly pageant - no redressing and re-entering as another baby in a later themed month.

  • All photos must be kept anonymous. This gives everyone a fair shot at winning based on the merits of their doll and their presentation skills, not popularity.

… • Please, no Work In Progress (WIP) pictures are to be posted on the forum of your pageant baby.
… • Anyone discovered to have shilled for votes among other members will be automatically disqualified.

  • Entry babies cannot be openly posted on any forum until after voting has ended (if you are receiving help or being tutored, private pictures to that one other member is allowed - but within reason)

  • Eligible dolls for pageant: A recently reborned baby, toddler, twins, triplets or more in ONE photo.

  • Entries for MBP will be accepted from the 1st to the 20th of each month only. Please do not wait until the last minute to submit your photos as there is a lot that the pageant hosts need to do to prepare the poll.

  • On the 21st of the month, the new poll will open for voting.

  • On the last day of the month, the poll will close and the winner for that month will be announced.

  • To enter the pageant, you will need 4 High Resolution clear pictures (not blurry) with no identifying marks (No Nursery or Artist Names) to include the following:

… • A close up of your baby’s face
… • Rooting
… • Nails
… • Full body presentation

  • There is a theme for each month; although not mandatory that your baby adhere to the theme, it would be fun to have that uniformity across all of the babies. The themes for this year are:

… April – Easter Blessings and Bonnets (entries must be submitted by April 20th)
… May – omitted to allow for the new schedule
… June -– Great Apes (entries must be submitted by May 20th)
… July – Born in the USA (entries must be submitted by June 20th)
… August – Toddlers and Tiaras (entries must be submitted by July 20th)
… Sept – Fall and Fairies (entries must be submitted by August 20th)
… Oct -– Halloween/ Oh, You L’il Monster (entries must be submitted by September 20th)
… Nov -– Tiny Blessings (entries must be submitted by October 20th)
… Dec – Christmas Spirit (entries must be submitted by November 20th)
… Jan – Ring in the New Year (entries must be submitted by December 20th)

Please note that while you do not HAVE to follow the monthly theme, it adds to the fun and MAY help you win votes. Also, following the theme is of your own personal interpretation. For example: you may think the October theme “Oh, You L’il Monster” would be best depicted with your baby wearing a monster-themed outfit while someone else may choose to make a reborn Frankenstein or werewolf. Someone else may go in an entirely different direction and show off a badly behaving toddler! All three examples follow the theme!!!

The above information and the rules for the Monthly Baby Pageant have been developed after much discussion and consideration by the pageant hosts. Any questions and/or concerns should be directed toward one of the following:

Cher Simnitt … forum ID : Cher_Simnitt … email: whoopiecat@sbcglobal.netKim KasaKaitas … forum ID : kimomax … email: kmkmsbt@yahoo.comCarmen McNair … forum ID : mcnair6 … email:

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