BB FAVORITE 2015 edition

i read all the older posts last night. I wanted to see if yall have a new favorite for 2015. Only bb scuplts:-) most wanted to reborn? Favorite doll reborned?

I meant all time favorite!!!

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I really want jewel. It looks like me when I was a baby and I really want it! Lol

I also want kase asleep four my personal collection.

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I still have to say Precious Gift is my all-time favorite BB kit. :heart:

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I’m going to have to get precious gift! I’m on. Buying restriction… So I wanted to see favorites so I can be more selective. I bought Leah, and I am kinda wishing I made a better choice:-(

Presley awake and Jewel… Can’t wait til he is restocked. :smiley:

Presley Awake is in stock but when sold out is not supposed to be restocked. If he was what you were looking for, you better hurry!

I was referring to Jewel @Pia. Although I would not mind doing another Presley awake.

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I did Jewel 2 yrs ago and loved this little sculpt. I have been waiting ever since to order another one or two, but BB has never restocked her.


Your Jewel is beautiful @rainbow. I was fortunate enough to be able to get Evon’s prototype Jewel a few month ago and have loved this sculpt since. I believe the restock showed Jewel being restocked like in September. I can hardly wait!

Precious gift is a great one too. I really enjoyed painting the two I did last December.