Bb fairy kits...what eyes did you use?

I know that the site calls for 16mm OVAL glass eyes. But, is that what all of you used? Did you use something else? And if so can you tell me what you did use? I have a pair of 16mm oval eyes but they are brown and they are not glass. I need BLUE.
Please help with any suggestions if you used something different.

I used the BB glass brown oval on my elf. The fit perfectly and are exactly the rich color I wanted.
I think size and shape is the most important with this sculpt not glass or acrylic.

I used a size 16mm and they were round and acrylic. They fit well. I think they were Realistic brand. I’ve had them for many years.

Do the eyes have to be oval or will round fit? I want to use a purple on mine.

I put eyes in to one today and I used the 16mm oval eyes and boy were they a pain in my butt. I always put my eyes in from the front while the head is hot from the oven. I was about to decided they were not goign to go in the eye sockets. They are in now and look good.

I initially put half round 16mm eyes in my Cricket but they were too big and it looked like she had bug eyes. I ended up using the 16mm oval eyes and they were perfect.

Oh thank you!!! Those are “Teagan” feet. I love absolutely love the hands and feet on the tiny Pratt triplets.

Thanks everyone! I ended up getting some off Ebay since BB is out of them. I got the artisque brand.
Thanks again for the replies and info.

I didn’t realize that artistique had the oval eyes until now. Glad to find out that they do. I think I want purple eyes on my fairy. Are Artistique and Eyeco the same BTW? I thought it was two companies because I ordered a pair of eyeco eyes off their site and they have totally different eyes and names. But the artistique site says eyeco above the eyes…Anyone know?