BB down?

Is BB still down for you gals? Mine says proxy error or some such. I’m worried they are changing the sale prices and my customer wants dolls that are currently on sale.

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Proxy error on my computer, too, Helen.

I keep checking…compulsively…

:blush: Mine is doing the same thing. I was hoping they were uploading photos of the newest Realborn girls in the gallery. One can hope, anyway.

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Even the forum is taking a long time to load each page for me.

I am hoping they are down because they are getting ready to do another free postage sale…hahahahahahaha! (I can live in hope, die in despair!)


They are back up…for me, anyway. :wink:

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Same problem on my end also. It seems to be alright now.

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Up on mine

Hey Helen this off subject but checked your reborns site and etsy and you have no new babies. I love seeing what the others are making and any new techniques I can pick up. Are you making one or taking a break just being nosey. I never got proxy error but it didn’t load very well, slow and it was doing whatever it felt like. Hugs

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I sold everything I had and am currently doing a custom set of twins. I am working on two others to post, but they aren’t ready. I’m not using my Etsy store. It didn’t work for me. I just don’t have a thing to sell right now. I’ll have a toddler eventually. She’s the Lena sculpt and is coming out so nice, but gosh, the rooting!!! I’m working on a Presley awake, but am not bonding with the sculpt for some reason. I don’t like the fleshtones at all and am going to go back to base 1 with him. So that’s the Honojane’s Reborns update for now! Thanks so much for asking.