BB difference Wholesale Vs Retail

Anyone else ever notice this?

I’ve notice a couple things with both sites.

I was under the impression that you get more of deal when using wholesale site. But a lot of the time the prices are higher or not corrected most of the time.

Also some items show out of stock on the Wholesale But In stock on Retail site :woman_shrugging:t2:.

Some items aren’t even available on the Wholesale site. (Mainly Vinyl Parts, Seconds)

I thought the retail site & wholesale sites run together but apparently Not :disappointed: and when inquired BB wants me to send item numbers so they can correct them. But that would just be way too many items to list :sweat_smile:.

I guess I just figured both site would be the same with regards to supplies & price. Just one with tax & one without tax.

Pictures for reference.


Yeah I noticed that too… when they started it they said prices would always be better on the wholesale site. That’s rarely been the case. The prices are always different for both and I had been comparing by putting the same stuff in both carts and retail saves me the most. Sometimes wholesale says items are out of stock but they are in stock on retail… :woman_shrugging:t2: and like you said they don’t have everything that the retail site does :pleading_face:


More than once now I have written them and asked them why something I wanted to buy wason sale on retail was not on sale on the wholesale sight and they would change it for me. I think they are just not keeping up with changing all the sale priced items on the wholesale site.


hm … I am looking for Ashley asleep … shows sold out , wondering if I am looking at the wrong site

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They really need to be on top of price changes for consistency across both sites. It’s not great for business to have better sales on the retail store. I’ve been ready to spend on several occasions only to be put off by the inconsistencies.


She is sold out on both sites

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thank you !!!


I thought the whole purpose of the Wholesale site was to offer better prices to those who had the sales tax exempt status but they are not keeping it consistently updated with the sales it seems. The only motivation now is to save sales taxes and that is not a motivation if the price is higher.


Yeah it kind of feels like they abandoned the wholesale site for a bit. At first it was fine, but after a while they seemed to forget about it.
Didn’t there also used to be a button on the retail website to go to the wholesale one? Because I can’t find it anywhere and manually have to type in the address to get there.