BB Deep Discount BUNDLES - Two Different Bundles!

Hi Everyone!

Right now we have TWO different deep discount bundles. They are both prominently displayed on our home page:



You get ALL of the following in this $19.98 bundle, as shown in the picture!:

  • Factory Prepainted Princess Pug Dog (our item #431)
  • 16" Body (our item #5917)
  • Purple Preemie Tutu (our item #2357)
  • Purple Shabby Rose Elastic Headband (our item #2375)
  • Pink/Lavender Fairy Wings (our item #2263)

This is a repeat of yesterday’s $19.98 bundle. We found some more bodies in the warehouse, so we were able to make a few more of this bundle (but only a very few more-- we are sure to run out of stock shortly):

  • GRANDMA (Mrs. Santa) Kit (our item #7398)
  • Wig (our item #7193)
  • Body (our item #7808)

As mentioned yesterday, we re closing out all of our remaining Santa products, and will not be reordering them. Here is a link to all of them:



Mrs. Santa (Grandma) can use our 16mm oval glass eyes. To keep things inexpensive, you can also use a wire close hanger for the armature inside of the body.

Thanks so much!

Bountiful Baby

Bountiful Baby
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