BB Cuddles

I need some inspiration for my cuddles, may I see pictures of any that you have done please? Much Appreciated.


Mine all had wigs, but here they are:


@mcurbelo :slight_smile:

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Thanks Karen, what size wigs did you use, they all look adorable!! I might use a wig rather than root, it’s a big head!! lol

She is precious, look at all that hair----it must have taken forever to root it! Love her skin tone.

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16-17" wigs all from Monique :blush:

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Yes! It took so freaking long :disappointed_relieved:
Thanks :blush:

I don’t want to invest too much time rooting since she is just a practice baby, specially if I can’t fix her lips!

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I have only done her once. Wow Karen you did a bunch, I rooted hair and took a while but thought she was cute when finished.


My cuddles


Oh my gosh, these little Cuddles are just so dang cute, thanks for posting them!! I love everybody’s Cuddles, I hope mine can come out anywhere near as precious!!

Yours are awesome! I did not like Cuddles, but as I had the other 3 I decided to get her anyway to make them quads (some day!). But yours are so different. I like them. Maybe wigs are a good way to go. I have used one and it was expensive. I think it is cheaper to root, but rooting does take more learning and time.

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Yours is also very cute.

Yep, they are all precious!

What is the name of the wig in the first pic?

I love your cuddles. Did you root them?

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Thanks! Yes I did. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: