BB Boutique Liquidation - now down to 568 item numbers to liquidate!

Hi Everyone!

In the last 12 hours, we have sold 486 individual Boutique items, with many more item numbers running completely out of stock and now taken off of the website.

We now have 568 Boutique item numbers to liquidate (as of Monday 11:48 AM Utah time). Also as of right now, we have a total of 17,555 individual Boutique items to liquidate, which means we have, on average, 31 in stock of each item number for liquidating.

And I just marked down prices on another 55 item numbers a bunch lower.

I want to push these out as fast as possible. And, as mentioned, you won’t find better Boutique prices anywhere right now. These prices are way below wholesale.

Thanks so much, everyone!

Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby