BB Boutique Items NOW UP TO 70% OFF!

Our BB Memorial Sale is continuing for many of our Boutique items-- NOW UP TO 70% OFF! Prices as low as:

Dresses $2.99, Body Suits $2.38, Dress Up Sets $1.79, Gowns, $2.68, Leggings $1.20, Hats $1.79, Headbands $0.90, Hair Bows $0.60, Necklaces $1.50, Outfits $4.18, Baby Shoes $3.89, Rompers $1.79, Tops $1.50, Bottoms $2.09,and more!!!

You won’t find prices this low ANYWHERE! And, this may end at any time.

Bountiful Baby

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I like that ya’ll are offering a deal. Only problem is the amount you have to spend in order to complete a purchase. If it wasn’t for that. I’d buy from y’all a lot more

The minimum is only 14.95 in the U.S. that doesn’t seem excessive. I didn’t even know there was a minimum and had to go see what you meant, I always spend way more than that :blush:

Wow, so the minimum has been reduced! It used to be $35. Yea! :smiley:

Really? Hmmm… I always have to purchase over $40 bucks worth of stuff