BB bodies

Is anyone but me having issues with the BB bodies? The neck openings are huge and bunch around the neck making the doll look. The arms and legs don’t fit properly so they really bulge and the arms are set way too far back on the bodies. The result is a barrel-chested baby that looks like it’s been pumping iron and doing bust exercises. Because of this the clothes don’t fit well. I don’t want to spend days or weeks on a baby and then have it look odd because of the body. I know they’re doing them this way because it’s cheaper and each body can be used on more than one size doll. When I asked them about it they e-mailed me a picture of a skeleton and said they don’t intend to change the bodies. So I’m having to buy mine elsewhere because these are awful!

I just came to the conclusion that I wasn’t going to be happy with the fit of any body from anywhere until there was a real baby inside that I could uncover As for BB, you and I hate the barrel chest look (even if my son had it!) but others love that chubby body. I don’t like the big butt on a body from someone else but I love the rest of it so she modified it for me. What you have to decide is whether it is worth a few extra dollars to have a body custom made to what you see in a baby or if you only want to do that for your personal collection. It’s under $10 more but if your babies are barely making a profit, that $10 might take away all of your profit and the customer might not appreciate it as much as you do. Decisions, decisions…

I make my bodies from the Chelle’s pattern. She sells them ready made also. I don’t like the legs and no butt on the BB’s. They look like a “rubber Chicken”

I almost ALWAYS go down one size from what bb has recommended

I noticed the same thing, so I’ve been ordering one size down on bodies. If it’s a 20 inch kit I used the 19 in body. I can’t guarantee it will work, but I’ve lucked out. Plus there are alot of custom body makers out there that make Awesome bodies really cheaply.

This lady on ebay makes custom bodies out of sateen and will embroider them for $1 extra. I pay $11 + shipping or a newborn a body if I don’t go through Ebay. | eBay? … 7675.l2562