.bb bodies and dye

Has anyone tried to dye an ape body black? Using tulip fabric dye? Did it turn out ok?

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I did try to dye one and the fabric wouldn’t take it and hold, as soon as I washed it the color came out, I’m not sure if it is the fabric or if it is treated? No luck on my try.


Thank you for replying

Yes, I did try too. It does not work, and I used industrial dye. On the other hand, if you stain the body it is very easy to wash and does not show that it was washed. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure what it’s called but they sell it at Joanns fabric, It’s a dye carrier additive for stuff like polyester, nylons and acetate type fabrics that makes the dye stick and not wash out. I’ve used it on a polyester jumpsuit for Halloween. I’ve never used the tulip dye, but i used it with Rit dye and worked perfectly. The jumpsuit dyed evenly an no fading at all.

You can also try iDye It’s made especially for dying weird fabrics like that, and Rit also has it’s own specialized dye for poly fabrics and fibers, which I’ve only used for dying yarn so I don’t know how well it works for other stuff.

I’m sure you could get a black body made.


It was just that I have the bodies already and thought it would look better if they were black. Made 3 other apes without dying. As I finish rooting first pearl with two more in the closet, I just thought black bodies would look better. Probably ask at Jo Ann’s.

I understand where you’re coming from. I agree black bodies would be better. Hope you figure out a way to dye them.