Bb black Friday

When is bb black Friday over? I really can’t pay $15 for Emmy body. I get paid Friday

There Black Friday sale is Monday-Wednesday

If I were u I would wait for the body to be on sale if I had I would help but I don’t have that body as never painted a toddler before the biggest dolls I have painted were Joseph and Amelia

I would wait until they do their normal sales because it’s generally a better discount. This Black Friday sale is only 25% off. And usually they give a 40% discount (which used to be 50% off but since they lowered the Realborn prices, they only do up to 40% off now)


It states it is for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and it gives the exact ending time in the announcement BB made.

I would buy things that don’t usually go on sale like eyes, paints etc

I was kinda disappointed in the sale considering normal sales are 40% off :woman_shrugging:t2: I may buy some eyes and paints but still the shipping seems more than what I’m getting. I get so excited when I get new babies in the mail :heart_eyes:

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When I order I make sure I order glass beads like 5+ at time or a kit or two or both if can to make sure I get well worth it for shipping like weight wise cause like if I needed to order only like a body eyes only I would add in something heavier or something with order


I would say wait. The sales they are offering today are better than their black friday sale. Although, I wonder if they’ll surprise us with a cyber Monday sale. :eyes:

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