BB--any news on when Kimi will be here?

I’m so excited to get her and the initial time frame said she should be here in late January but that’s obviously not going to happen. Do you have a new time frame for her?

Can’t wait to find out- I think she is absolutely beautiful

I was really hoping today would be the day.

Ugh! They have updated her due date and now it is mid-February. Nothing like going 2 weeks past your due date. At least this isn’t as uncomfortable as pregnancy.

Traci isn’t that the truth? I went 2 weeks over and I can honestly say it was 2 of the most miserable weeks of my life.

ACK!!! My first son was 19 days overdue…OMG…had to be induced. Second son was only a week overdue when we went ahead with the induction. Birthing babies wasn’t my strong suit. And I made SURE that everyone within a hundred mile radius knew it!!!

“Kimi and Blake are due mid-February”

It is now February 15th…sigh.

That’s TODAY…I can’t wait to get my hands on this little cutie!

And she’s still not here! It feels like we will never get her.

Now it is bumped back to the first part of March.


I’m sooooooooo anxious for this kit…feels like we’ve been waiting FOREVER.

Karen, I agree completely! I wonder what the hold up is.

She is super cute! I hope the kit is in stock soon