BB AA NEW DESIGN gathered body came in the

I had to get several when they were on sale for $7 and cant wait to use them.


Do you think you will like using them?

Yes I will especially with it not having those openings so the polyfil wont pop out

I feel that it will be a great help when it comes to keeping the stuffing in! Does it have a flap on the neck to help with the head and the stuffing in there? I guess if it doesn’t have one, a person could put a flap there.

The smaller body (Ashley’s) has a stocking neck and it was a pain to stuff through… I am so glad this one does not have it


I can understand how that could be a pain. I guess maybe just put a piece of fabric or moleskin over the hole for the head. It has been a problem for me trying to keep the stuffing in while I am trying to get the head on! I have so far enlisted the help of hubby.

Yes, they are really nice. I grabbed a few.

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