Bath baby test

I have an adoptive parent interested in a full vinyl baby that can go in the bathtub. I would not do this for most people, but she is cool so we are experimenting.

I tested both GHSP (set, but not sealed) and Baby FX (24 hrs dried, not sealed):

30 min hot water test -
Both seemed to stay on vinyl, but when I rubbed with cotton swab some pigment appeared on the tip.

Soap test -
Dawn soap did not remove paint.

My next test is to see how much water gets inside the doll. She may need to take apart the doll to let it dry.

Anyone else have any experiments they have tried with water?


Would you not be able to stuff or weight it?

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I would assume that if she wanted to bathe a full body vinyl doll that this doll does NOT have any weighting materials inside. Otherwise it would certainly NOT be recommended!! If you want to do that, why not buy a vinyl doll from Walmart instead of a expensive reborn? I think a multitude of things could go wrong here!! JMO


You could always put the weighting in a plastic bag.

No weighting, and only light painting like blushing. The plan is to let her play with it, and eventually re-do him when she out grows the wanting him in the bathtub. No fancy paint, weighting or mohair until then.

My only concern at this point is if she leaves water inside the doll to mildew, but that is going to be her responsibility to maintain.

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I would say it was a bad idea. I can just see bad things happening for this. I’m thinking sort of like when a kid has a rubber ducky and the water gets mildew-ey inside where the little whole is. I just feel like it will get smelly.


if you plug the limbs and glue them in with waterproof glue, there should be less places for water to enter…

Full body like Blinkin/Nod/Max? With no cloth inside?

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I think I talked to this lady on FB last week. I told her the same thing my biggest concern is mildew/ mold setting up in it.

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Yes! Like what @wispywillowrebo said. They make waterbabies–they have water inside of them so they’re squishy and such. You could just add some paint to something like that.


I wouldn’t bath the doll. Pretend bath. No water!! Water can make mold inside the body eventually.