hey ladies, went to Michael"s today and found these baskets.They seem to be the perfect size for holding reborns. They are in the Easter section. They weren’t on sale but I used a coupon. pink,blue, and white.


I have some like that.I love them.

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I’ll be keeping an eye out for a couple of these!

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I saw those too!! Hoping I can nab them when their easter sales hit!

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Perfect size and so cute. Ty for sharing!

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A.C. Moore had some of these as well in like white,blue,pink,yellow,green and a rainbow color. Small for $1.20, medium for $2.59 and large (little bigger then these it looks) $3.89


I have one like that. I have had it for years and have used it for various things. But, now I have it for pics of my babies – when I get some more made. :slight_smile:

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I like them. Great find!