Bald or no bald

I am working on Chase Brown. His little head is so awesome. How do you know when to give them hair or leave them bald?


I always do hair. They never look finished without it.


Yeah…I like hair too…even “bald” babies have superfine fuzz!! :wink:


Some have perfectly shaped had like a real newborn . Rooting those takes away from it’s perfect sculpting effect .

I adore bald babies, so I vote bald! :grin:


When they have a perfect head, it’s kind of a shame to cover it up.

I have never felt like leaving a baby bald until Skya. I rooted, as that’s what I do and honestly I kinda wish I’d trusted my gut. Do what you think looks best, you can always add it.

I’ve got a couple of baldies. I really don’t care for rooted hair, I hate how it gets messed up so easily. I should learn to paint hair, I guess.


Just finnished this portrait baby. I think baldies are adorable


I do a liitle shading to kind of indicate where hair would be. Other than that i dont really root unless requested

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I liked my Chase way more before I rooted him. Lol

When they’ve got a awesome sculpted head, bald is beautiful :heart:
Granted I’ve thought about getting hair done for my boy…but I just love his bald head … So I vote bald!!!


I love baldies! I have 3 that are bald and I couldn’t see them any other way.

Thanks for all of the input. I think i’m going to TRY to do very light painted hair with maybe some darker sections around the back and ears. If it doesn’t look good, I’m going to leave him bald. His little head is just too pretty.

I love bald!

With the exception of my tibby toddler(Hunter,curly hand rooted curly Afro) I prefer the bald or painted hair. For me the reborn baby with the perfect shape head is the Ashia sculpt.

I love baldies !

That’s a good compromise! You’ll get the look of hair while still being able to see his head :blush: let us know how it turns out!

I left my Reese bald. I think he was perfect that way.


I remember your Reese…one of the best of this sculpt I’ve seen…your mottling and veining on the head look SO real!!! :heart_eyes:

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