Bald No More! WIP Kyle

Hey, everybody!!
I finally finished rooting Kyle. I took pictures. I haven’t cut or styled his hair yet. You will see one picture of his eye, that’s to show the lashes but the color I chose for hair and lashes doesn’t like to show up in photographs that well.
All of these pictures were taken inside under lights and stuff so color isn’t accurate. A couple of places look like bald patches but when I look at the doll head, I don’t see those same bald patches so it could be the coloring. Let me know what you think. Album of Rooting

The front facing photographs, the hair actually comes down over the eyes but blends into him so well, its hard to see.

His hair is not wet at all, its dry. I LOVE this alpaca!

Karen He is lookiing so good!! I love the alpaca hair too! I can’t wait to see him finished!!!

Thanks for the tip, Missy, I’ll try that. Yes, I am afraid to cut his hair. It took me a week to root him working on it for a minimum of 6 to 8 hours at a time so needless to say, I don’t want to mess up!! But I do want to go short like a newborn baby.

Thanks, Tonya!!

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fantastic … can i ask how long it has taken and if you drew the hair pattern on his head you wanted first???

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It took an insane amount of time, but I feel its worth the time. Rooting mohair could take as long also and not have the same result IMO.

What I did was I measured with my finger and thumb for hair line placements, then I connected the dots and then found my crown spot and drew a circle there(couldn’t root hairs in it cuz can’t see the hairs that well lol). I then wanted to make sure I was going in the right direction so I drew lines from the hairline dots to the crown dots. I followed Debbie Henshaw’s very basic directional rooting tutorial found below:

It was such an immense help to me. This is the first time I followed that guide and only the second head I’ve rooted so I’m very pleased. I’m also glad my first baby is with my Mom and not with a real customer!!

Thank you!! That just made my day!

Hey, that’s what this forum is about, isn’t it? Sharing? I know how hard it was for me to find good information without having to pay for it. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to make money but I’ve never been able to charge for information. Guess it was my public school upbringing and the Public Library visits.

haha! Yeah and I see you also went for the dark fawn!! What I love most about alpaca is that the color is natural. There are NO dyes-at least in the fiber I get-to over process and dry the fiber out. My supplier also has 27 natural colors.

Your Chrisy is very cute with the alpaca!

Thank you, Jaye. I did choose his hair to go with his coloring. I feel that is a very important thing to do in reborns. Some people decide on hair color that really doesn’t match the skin tone and that bothers me LOL

Your did a great job would love to see pictures when he is finished.

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Your did a great job would love to see pictures when he is finished.

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I will definitely be posting some. His head is drying now.