Bald baby?

Help: I’ve always rooted or painted hair on my reborn I’ve never left any bald but maddox has a beautiful soft spot so shall I leave him bald? Advice please. Thank you Tracey xx


I like him bald! I usually like baldies, though. Was bald myself until I was at least 2 years old, haha.
If you really want some hair, maybe root very sparsely.


I think he is cute bald! :wink::wink:

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I agree! Bald is beautiful! :blush:

I love him bald!

He is precious as a baldy

Thank you ladies I’m also going to be doing his twin Maggie so guess I could give her a hair band with a bow to look more girly haha x

I think bald babies are better as it allows for seeing the details on the head–like veins and mottling and any birth marks.
So, yes. Leave him bald! :slight_smile:

I like this sculpt bald!

Leave him bald

Yes, I think he looks sweet like this! :heart_eyes:

he’s lovely…bald suits him