Baking in an Electric Roaster

Has anyone ever baked their vinyl parts in an electric roaster like the kind you roast a turkey in? If so, what were the results? Are there any tips you can give me to avoid any mishaps?

I have. It worked well without any mishaps. The only thing I didn’t like is that you lose a lot of the heat every time you lift the lid. But I managed to work around that. I did however buy a nuwave but haven’t used it yet. I thought it would make baking a lot easier.

I do, I have been for years. I use a glass Pyrex baking pan on the bottom with a cloth diaper inside of it. Use an oven thermometer since the temps can vary a lot between these. My moms runs super hot. But once you know what temp yours is at it helps a lot. I wouldn’t line the pan with anything super fluffy or high pile though.

Thanks!! How did you work around the temperature dropped? I was thinking about buying a NuWave. What size NuWave did you buy? It think it would be a big adjustment. Let me know how it works out.

Do you use a digital thermometer?

For mine the temp recovers pretty quickly after replacing the lid. It has a temp indicator light which helps me know it’s back up to temp- I just wouldn’t rely on it for an accurate temp, I keep the oven thermometer in there. Mines just a regular oven thermometer- not a good one, it’s meant to hang or sit on the oven shelf.

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First I would preheat to 265 degrees, place the parts in which is when you lose your heat. Then I would turn the temperature way up to get back to the 265 degrees all the while lifting the lid just enough to see the thermometer. Once I got the heat up to 265 I would have to keep lifting the lid to make sure it stayed there. After 6-8 minutes I would take the parts out. I used a dish towel to lay the parts on. All in all I think I will like the nuwave better.

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That was meant to say not a food thermometer- opps, got autocorrected.

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