Bad paint or thinner?

I’m not sure why the paint separated? It’s genesis and mona lisa- Has anyone had this happen and why?

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When it sits a while I have seen this. Just stir back up.

I stir every time I put my brush in.

My burnt umber does it the most

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Burnt Umber drives me nuts!! Every time I use it, it seems to go on the vinyl in little tiny “dots” instead of a nice smooth color--------and yes it is very well mixed. I don’t like to use it.

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This happens to me when my brush is still wet after cleaning it. Water added to paint and thinner does this.

I used to have this happen all the time. Usually after paint has dried some and I try to mix it with thinner again… I’ve strained it… could be dry paint, dust :woman_shrugging:t2:

My eyelid purple doe it all the time. I stir it till all paint particals/dots dissolve.

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I press my brush into it and move it around, to mix it and help it dissolve.

I have always heard that mona lisa should not be used. I have never used it but I know some artist that used it and said they would never use it again. s

I have always used mona lisa and it hasn’t been a problem.

Me too, I use Mona lisa with very good results

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I have to say I don’t seem to have an issue now that I have found the Citrus thinner that does not flare up my allergies.

I used to use Bob Ross…but now use Gamsol.

And yes burnt umber is awful…i just make sure i mix the paint with every stroke…
And those little dots are rhe world’s worst😖

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Thank you for all the responses! Well at least me paint isn’t bad.The color was eyelid purple.

I have never had a problem with Mona Lisa, I use both ML and Gamsol.

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The paint may be have dried up but and doesn’t want to break back down. You will have better luck with a little thinning medium if you have some.

I never wash my GHSP brushes with water.

Sometimes I will add some thinner to the dish and let it sit and soak before I mis it back up.

I hate wasting paint especially now.


Mona lisa works fine, but many artists(especially artists that paint darker tones) choose oilier thinner like gamsol or Bob Ross that dries slower and gives you more time to blend if I have to use Mona lisa when painting dark tones I use Mona lisa

Thank you everyone for your answers- I think it’s due to the color- I didn’t get any water in it( or anything else) …I think I need to clean out my palette (sp?) and storage jars