Bad just bad

Wow, should have stuck to painting !!! Hats off to all you rooters!!!


It will become easier with practice. My first baby was horribly rooted. I pulled all the hair out and started over. It was much better the second time. Each baby you learn a new trick and get better.


Nonsense- just keep at it and you will get better in no time. The quality of the hair makes a difference, too! :slight_smile:


Bald is beautiful ! :wink:


Painted hair looks beautiful on them too.Maybe that would work for you and practice the rooting after the Christmas babies are done.

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No one said " DO NOT get wavy blonde hair’!! lol


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I do LOVE the little fair skin blonde babies though.

Hey, but I can say I have not broke a needle yet I really must be doing something wrong.

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:blush: or maybe you are doing it right… just need more practice. I have done many rooted babies and I still have a lot to learn. We all wish we could do it like @Jacky, but with practice some of you will, not me lol

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Picture didn’t load.Make sure you see it loaded before hitting the reply button.

How do I delete

I don’t know if you can delete.Just try again.

Ok it looks like if you click the 3 little dots beside reply on what you want to delete, their is a trash can there so I guess that will delete it.

The eyes are just in there. This one I do not care for. The eyebrows are terrible. She looks like a doll.


Looks good to me and the hair is looking good too.Some of the kits look dolly no matter what you do.I absolutely love those lips on that one

You did a good job I love it!

Thank you !

She’s really cute!

This is the custom i’m working on. Dolly no matter how you try.