Bad Ebay baby

I bought 2 cheaper dolls off ebay from the same seller thinking they would be okay for my girlfriend’s daughters to play with. They were so badly made when I got them that I was too embarrassed to give them to them. ( I know, my fault for not asking questions and for better pics). I decided I would strip them and use them for practice and then make other dolls for the girls. I’m working on the first one now. When I took apart the second one today, she had a baggie of small rocks in her belly ( no wonder it was “rock hard”…lol), no weighting in the limbs and loose rocks, paper and an old paint sponge in the head. Who does that?

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Who does this?? Unethical sellers who are out to make money off of someones love of a doll. They are not artists and
they obviously don’t mind stealing your money. There are quite a few things that can be used to weigh a baby correctly.
Rocks, paper, and paint sponges are not on the list.


Well I was just hired to redo an ebay reborn play doll’s hair. The wig was poor quality and was glued on backwards. It was a berenguer sleeping Mary face. It had a bit of blushing, 1/4 limbs, with original body. It was weighted rock hard and had poly pellet and sand all loose in the body. I rooted her as that was all I was asked to do. I offered to re-weight her at no extra expense but Mom said no so I respected their wishes. It killed me to give them back the doll with the sand in it. I did not put the sand back in the head.
Buyers beware… if it is cheap there is a reason for it!