Bad Day

Going to vent…
.Was excited put 2 babys up Friday…sold 1 and was meeting another lady for the other in just 1 day.!!whoopee
packed the baby for shipping last night.Ready to go.So organized!!!
Woke up this morning thinking i didnt or did i sand smooth the zip ties on the packed baby
Someone might get cut but i used all my tape night before .open to check anyway ? so .opened box .yep… fixed the ties at the same time doing last minute things on other doll for box opening .at noon.
…Start rushing grab the box to take to car for po.
fall on my steps .box fine not me.
.Last nite i brightly put kitty litter out on the ice on my step which had turn to mush by morning so fall on my back on the steps cut ny arm wrench back… Send my grand daughter to the PO which she does before it closed .GOOD!!
Right after that the lady im to meet pms me cant meet not taking doll
.Ok i dont want to get out of bed yet anyway with my back wretched . hour later i remember i had run out of tape ob the shipped box!! The box was shipped with 2 little strips of scotch tape just barely holding down the lid flaps!! i felt sick.
.Po closed… i call the next po it will go to She said shed leave a note to tape if they saw it but said hed probably have 200 boxes. to unload and load… .Hardly a chance in Hades hell find it and bother to tape it.Too busy xmas time.
So long short the box is gonna fly open when it starts tumbling around at st louis main PO and the doll will fly out…im sure …and someone will have a nice xmas present for their child well 1 good thing someone gets a really cute doll FREE .My M eg!! i could have sold her 3 times Friday in my town.No sold first to a person i shipped to
Well live and learn not to be so dumb a d totally forget to retape or BETTER don t tape at all until you buy enough.!!
I email the ppl told them some choices
1 send theIr money back .
2 upgrade to more expensive doll
3 make a new one. of the same …
Just dont want the person getting it to be dissapointed on xmas no doll.
Havent heard back yet
So disaster day.
…TOMORROW…has to be uphill from here. all you can do anyway is move on .
Hope you all had a better Saturday than this…
Heres the darling going to do a tumbling act MEG.


Hopefully it got retaped at the post office and will make it safely to it’s new owner.Did you by any chance purchase insurance on her?

My post office will not ship if not taped correctly, they will stick tape on, they don’t want to fool with the worries of someone not being happy :slight_smile: , so they try their best to help out, hopefully yours feel the same, don’t get discouraged until you have to, you may be worrying too quickly.give it time, and wait :slight_smile:


Track it and see where it is.If you track, you know if they get it for sure.

Yes i. going to to track it see what just be happy if it just was returned .
Angel i hope you are right.i just dont know xmas time they may be too busy.also it LOOKS like it has lots of tape on it because i cut the old tape and just used the 2 strips of scotch tape over it Maybe not apparent its not taped.
That is funny! i forgot how real they look .It may stop the wheels turning at the PO for a time when what looks like a baby comes flying out!!
Well Today its uphill from yesterday Best to just move on
.Im mostly worried now about the people with no doll on the way.
i feel so responsible and i AM! i assume they dont check email often since i havent heard back yet…Wouldnt you know its someone who bought it without corisponding first and not online a lot daily i guess. .
In fact the name was a man…If it is he may not bother to even check think hes covered on a present.Id be so happy if it came back to my door Monday to be resent.

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I received parcel repackaged with a note from PO saying the box went damaged and they had to redo it .

If they notice they will do it …especially if they see is a Lovely Christmas gift.

We hope for the best .fingers crossed.

I wish you quick recovery .

Most pos tape or at least check tape. Hope so in your case.

Oh thank you
i have hope now!!.
.Did they return to you or you were the buyer?.abd recieved it .
Thanks im much much better just Sore .
Lucky me!!
Could have been much worse

I looked at tracking it went to stl main last night and says departed st louis .
Omg hope they taped it !! MIRACLE maybe!!


That was a bad day! Hope today is a much better one. How is the Miracle baby doing?

Was thrilled!! She made it
She emailed she loves it cant put it down you know how real they look maybe their first .It is shocking She was too exited to say how it was when got there but sounded intacted.
Guess shed have saiimd if something was wrong What a huge relief.
I am so so happy.
Thanked the PO gal yesterday shipping another That worker wasnt who did it still maybe shed pass it on.She seemed really busy though.


Yay! I hope mine that is not updating has the same fate LOL

But Mine was taped :wink: lol

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Oh great!! it gets scarey now so close to xmas.The one i took in t
yesterday just left for NY today …went to 3 places
here in MO first!! .Im thinking GO ALREADY!
Left st louis at noon Hope not too many more stops.
Due in 24th!! yikes!! close.
Yes i hate when they dont update leaves you hanging.
I use to order hatching chicken eggs time sensitive before fertility goes down At times i could have drove to get them and back for how long they took . exasperating
Christmas they have extra help i think so things go faster hopefully for you and me


Thanks for the update I’m so glad she made it.

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Yeah… mine’s a day late and no updates.

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Oh no jkesser hopefully tomorrow!!.


Did your baby make it???

(mine arrived in perfect condition 5 days late, but got there before Christmas)

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That was scarey! 5 days late is a while.

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