Bad day but there was some funny parts

Today whent to head to urgant care for my shoulder injury ,was going to stop at my grandmas on the way home. Well my pos of a vehicle blow a rod. So now I’m on the side of the road .hubby goes to walk the 1 mile walk to the nerest gas station ( we actually live in ellicott on the outskirts of colo springs).while hubby is gone i have micheal the Doll that I’m working on next to me, he’s all put together on a tie string body all dressed up just waiting on is hair so he has a hat on. Well a sheriff officer comes up behind me gets out tries to help. Next thing i know he’s pushing me out of the way of my door and starts waveing his hand in front of babies face calls in on his walkie talkie he needs an ambulance for an infant. Tells me to get on the ground mean while hubby is walking up we’re both tring to tell the officer its a Doll he’s telling us to shut up picks up the baby and after about 30 seconds he starts laughing and says I’m sorry. Calls back in to canceal call. He said at First he was going to give me a ticket for no carseat then noticed the baby hadn’t moved much if any. He thought the baby was hurt or something. So there’s my laugh for the day but now I’m in serious pain and have no car anymore .but i bet that man well remember that for a long time.

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Sorry about your car and the pain you’re dealing with, but I am glad at least you had a good laugh and so I did I imagining it! Lol


Gosh hun I am so sorry this happend to you but the police incident is funny and if I were not so tired I would laugh!

   That is the funniest thing I've heard all WEEK!!!!          That officer will be telling that story to his grandkids and his GREAT grandkids....HILARIOUS!!!    

I am so sorry you’re in pain, though; hope you feel better soon.