Back to square one

I’ve been working on my Angel for the prototype contest. I’ve had some misgivings about her. She has a nice colored vinyl but as I added layers of paint she began to have an orange undertone that made her look very jaundiced. Everything I did made it worse. So, I stripped her and am starting over. I tested on the bottom of one of her feet to get her to the base color that I need. It took 4 layers of blue wash, 2 layers of flesh highlight wash and 6 layers of white wash. So basically, I have to paint her 12 times before I can start her flesh layers. This is beginning to be not fun but I really, really want to do the contest.


I hope she starts behaving for you!

Oh my…That is not fun…BUT…as soon as those 12 layers are over with, then the fun begins…and then the creative instinct takes over…it is soooo worth it …!!..:slight_smile:

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I hope so. I’m just bummed because her veining and mottling were perfect and now I have to do them again, I spent a long time on the veins (not my favorite thing). Oh, well.