Back on Youtube! Who should I feature?

I had a (pretty embarrassing) reborn Youtube channel in my early teens, and I decided to revamp it earlier today! I don’t think many of my subscribers are active, despite the fact that there are still 300 of them…

I want to connect with you guys, and feature your channels in my “related channels” sidebar-- if any of you are on Youtube, please post your username + channel links!


Subscribed! I don’t post reborns on my channel very much anymore, I hope to start up again soon! Thank you!

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Just subscribed to you as well :heart:

Thank you!

Subscribed! @Sydster you too!

Thank you so much!!

I have a you tube channel, but it has Nothing to do with reborning lol

I just added you :blush:
I just started a channel

subscribed @AGivensBaby

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Thanks Anne! Do you have a channel?

No I just watch YouTube a lot, lol! I am Anne on there!

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