Back from IRDA conference

Well we are home from the conference and it was wonderful fun!!!
Got to meet Alenia Peterson (what a sweet heart!!!)
A group of about 14 of us went to the play Reborning and everyone loved it -Stephany Sullivan ,Stef Baldwin and I did a Talk back along with Lauren English(the main actress) and Rebecca Martinez the Photo Artist-this is where we get up on stage and answer questions from the audience .
The conference was small and cozy and we all formed many lasting friendships -The classes were great and everyone learned alot!!!
We were visitedby the folks from Ruby red galleria and Eyeco also .
Any way wanted to give a quick update

So glad you guys had a good time!!!

Im happy to hear you had a great time!!! Take me with you next time!!

Yup We can -We plan to do photo shoots this week end we hope!!! We did a cookie ,bella,brandon,and libby -very stiff compatition -lots of beautiful babies and we heard that it was a hard decision as far as who won-I was glad to see other ladies work and they felt the same way -everyone was all thinking that the others would win -no one was like oh mine is a shoe in and I am going to win ,they were all very good!!!