Baby yellow feet

Hi everyone I am new here and I have a big problem I need a fix to this ASAP my reborn Brittany has had the blue stained hands and feet in the past and I got rid of it I thought I was in the clear but I guess not now just his heels are yellow and I need to get it to go away fast because I am going to a doll show so someone please help

A thin purple wash should neutralize the yellow.

I don’t paint them much so I am not good at it what is the purple wash

It’s just a layer of very diluted purple paint.

You mean it turned yellow over time? Have you tried acne cream like with the blue marks?

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If you don’t feel comfortable painting (and need a quick fix) I would go with socks or booties. I wouldn’t take the chance of messing my baby up.

Welcome, Ava. Best wishes on your problem. I can’t help you, but the very knowledgeable ladies and guys here can.

Sounds like maybe she used the acne cream to remove the blue paint and now the feet have turned yellow from using the acne cream. That can happen. Sometimes it gets worse and sometimes it fades away over a period of time like a year or more. Have had it happen to a doll in my own collection that I have had many years. The best you can do for now is the purple wash.

Thank you so much