Baby think it over and reborns

Anybody ever equipped a reborn with a baby think it over box? Or even know how one might do this? The baby I’m wanting it for has the soft body and back and belly plates. Not sure if that helps or hurts the situation, but I’d appreciate it if anybody has any pointers on the subject

I may be behind the times, :grin:, but what is a baby think it over box?


Me too! ???

Oh I know what those are, just didn’t know what they were called. Thanks.

Yeah, so anybody know if it’s possible to put one of those mechanisms in one of our soft cuddly babies some how?

What an interesting idea. I’ve got no idea if it’s possible, but if it is, I would be the first to buy one!

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Thank you for the info. I’d never heard of them before. It would be interesting to see if you can do this. However, I would want a “turn off” switch. :wink:

I got asked the other day if the reborn my granddaughter was carrying in the grocery store was a Baby think it over doll. My response: heavens no, my granddaughter is only 9 and this doll is for her enjoyment, not torture. There’s pleanty of time for sleepless nights when she is much much older.


LOL! Sounds like a fun story behind that!

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I thought I might try to find out where to buy just the box until I watched a YouTube video of the baby screaming inconsolably. NEVER MIND!!l


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