Baby Shower Game idea with a Reborn baby?

Hello, My Mom is making a Reborn newborn boy for my baby shower and my Mom and I are trying to think of a baby shower game that we could do with him. One game is everyone guesses his weight and then we bring a scale out and find out who was the closest. We were thinking of a diaper changing game where the winner would be who ever changed his diaper the fastest but all they would be able to do is take his diaper off and put on a new one since she’s going to sell him after the shower and he can’t get dirty. I don’t know what else we could do with him since he can’t get dirty. Any suggestions?

He’s gonna look a lot like the last one she last sold:

You could make up a story that includes a lot of “left” and “right” words. Start with someone holding the doll while you read the story. Every time you say the word “right” they pass the doll to the right. Every time you say the word “left” they pass the doll left. If you make the story long enough it gets crazy because the doll goes back and forth a lot. When the story ends whom ever has the doll in their hands is the winner.

I am doing this for my daughter in law’s baby shower. I am reborning Byron as a boy (since she is having a boy) and he also will be the prize for the winner.

You could also do a trivia game on the baby. Have the baby displayed where people could see him when they first arrive. Then after everybody gets there, hide him. Then ask certain questions pertaining to the doll such as “What color are his eyes?” “What color onesie does he have on?” etc etc. It will be fun because people won’t know they are supposed to be looking at him that closely lol

Another Idea would be to display the doll as a center piece and put alot of baby Items around it like bottle ,pasie ,diaper pins , booties , jar of food ,rash cream , mitts , rattle ect when time -cover it al up and have them write as many things as they can remember on a list -we want pics!!!

Oh yeah, Cher, that would be great! Also, glad you got your computer fixed.

Yes, we want pics!

All you guys have great idels, my daughter is giving a baby shower for a friend and she has made a reborn for it, I am going to past the info on Thanks!!!

Good luck with your baby shower looking forward to pictures!!

Those are great ideas! Thank you, guys!

What kit is that in the picture? It’s really cute and she did a great job!

That’s Molly by Tasha Edenholm