Baby Pageant Advanced winner announced

[size=28]Congratulations, Pia, on a job well done![/size]

Thank to all who participated. Here are the artists who presented their babies for voting.

  1. Shannon—Night Owl Nursery
  2. Iansmommie
  3. Pia WINNER
  4. Barbara–teasers girl
  5. Kim–kimomax
  6. Tonya–trapple 575

Beautiful baby, Pia!

Congratulations PIA WEll deserved such a beautiful baby!!

Congratulations Pia - job well done! You did Paisley right?

Pia did the first Honey that was shown. (Tonya did the second Honey)

Thanks ladies… I haven’t been on the forum this afternoon, so didn’t know that the announcement had gone out about the name of the winner… I am very humbled by the competition and how close this pageant ended up being… Hopefully someone will take over the pageants and continue them on Bountiful Baby… It has definitely been a good experience for me to be able to compare myself to the other ladies that enter… Thanks so much to all of the forum members that took the time to vote and ESPECIALLY to the ones that voted for my little Honey!! Here she is:

Congrats Pia!!! Everyone did a great job !

Congratulations Pia! I love your Honey!!

congratulations Pia!!! Your baby was beautiful!!!


Pia she is beautiful