Baby not photographing well

Have you guys ever had a baby that just doesn’t look good in pics? I finished this baby approx two months ago and still haven’t listed her because I can’t get pictures that truly showcase her. In real life she’s beautifully colored and detailed, even my mom who hates the dolls compliments me on her. But no matter what light I take pictures in, she just looks drained, like she’s not detailed at all. I’m not sure if I need a better camera or what’s going on.


I would recommend go to Reborns. com and see how other RA posed Reese.
@Peachtree had the cutes and the most creative story with her Reese.

Unfortunately, my camera never shows the true details either :frowning:

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RA - Reborn Artists

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Just list her. None of mine look as good in pictures as they do in real life. They sell anyway and the buyers are pleasantly surprised that they look so much better in person.

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Dressing and adding props may help, you may see a big difference

Have you tried experimenting with clothes colours to see what colour compliments her skin tone best? Sometimes the clothes and background can cause a baby to look washed out in photos

I think he’s(she’s) beautiful! Maybe try dark clothes with a light background or dark background and light clothing?

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