Baby Juliet All Done

Well I finished her… I dont like her arms so I will have to get another one with different arms. … 0704520635

She’s so cute. She looks like an awake Kate. Nice job.

Thanks alot…

Aww she is so very sweet!!!

Love her. What a beautiful little girl!!!

Oh my, I love her! I didn’t like the one in BB gallery but yours is awesome. I’ve got her on watch and am cheering her on! Best of luck!

Thanks so much everyone…

She is beautiful!!! I love Juliet!!

I love her! Beautiful job with rooting all that hair!!!


She is so cute especially her hair.

Thanks so much everyone.

Yea her head is great and legs great but those arms…yuck…

Wow, I couldn’t even believe it was the same doll! I think she’s amazing, and yours should replace the Gallery baby!

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aww thanks so much… I am kinda disappointed there is not much interest in her.

I wasn’t sure I liked Juliet until I saw yours. Her hair sets off that little face so well. I still can’t get the hair cuts right. Now I have to add another kit to my wish list!

Thanks so much everyone…

I didn’t look twice at “Juliet” as she was shown on BB, but yours is gorgeous! Love her hair too! Now I will definitely do one! You should have no problem getting her adopted soon. Kathi