Baby Head Measurements Please? I want to try Cuddle Baby Bodies!

Alright, I’m getting ready to try making my own cuddle baby bodies. But before I can even get my supplies, I need some measurements.
Here are the baby sizes I need measurements for: 21 inches and 24 inches

So, if you have a kit that is one of those sizes (or if you have a baby in each size) comment the measurements, along with which size baby your measurements are for. I only need one baby for each size, so I will update the sizes needed.

I need measurements for the head. If you would be so kind to measure the length from the top of the head to the neck flange, I would greatly appreciate it. Also if you would like, it would help if you measured the length of the leg and arm. Leg would be from the flange to heel and then heel to toe. Arm would be from the flange to wrist and then wrist to fingers.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks in advance


Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

I got a 1/4 body and was going to make just the hands and feet but my brain function failed, lol. So I think I am going to take the arms and legs off and make whole arms and legs. It won’t be till next month. It is not for sale it’s just for myself.

I still need measurements!! I would like to be able to go buy fabrics DURING the Labor Day Sale (next weekend)!!!
Note: The measurements don’t need to be of completed babies, they can be just of the limbs lightly attached to the body–like in the photos.

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I have kits in 20, 21, and 22 inches. Just need 23 and 24 inches. So if anyone has one of the MIchelle Fagan 23 inch triplets or Sweat Peas, maybe one of the Donna Rubert quadruplets, please send me a PM with their arm and leg measurements! Please and thank you!
I would love to start this project soon.

To get the right proportions you need from hip joint to knee about the same as ankle to knee. From wrist to elbow = elbow to shoulder joint.
And these are baby body proportions:


Okay thank you. The thing is, I need the length of the arms and legs. The only thing I have is body length, and I can’t use body length to determine arm/leg length. Thank you anyways, though

It all deepens on the kit you have. You can have 3 kits that are supposed to be 23" babies but each will have different limbs; some are fat, some are skinny, and the size of the head and neck will also differ… The plastic joints need to be the same size as the top of the limb; too small look horrible, little bit bigger is OK on 3/4 limbs, but for jointed full limbs need to be just right.
I buy the fabric from spearson

Oh, okay. I’m wanting to try to make cuddle bodies and was just looking for measurement to base my bodies off of, so that’s why I need to know exact arm and leg length.

That is what is in the picture I posted above:
ARM = 1.5x of the head (top to chin)
LEG (heal to fork) = 1.5x head
Body (shoulder to crotch) = also 1.5 x head

Okay, but I don’t have heads so I still need the length of the head at least before I can start looking for supplies. I am not going to waste $35-$40 on a kit just to get the head if I don’t know that my idea is going to work and be worth the money. I don’t even know how many people would be interested. This is a cheaper option for me.

I will change what I have said above. Thank you for the help.

The last ones I made,I used the pattern for the 1/4 limb babies and just added hands to the arms and feet to the legs.Really easy to make them that way.I think my pattern has newborn and preemie size patterns.Would have to dig it out to know for sure.I made quiet a few childs first reborn babies this way,long before I heard of a cuddle the same pattern we used to use to make bodies for the Berenguers.

Cool. The thing is, I need measurements for a larger baby. 6-9 month size. That’s why I need the measurements. :wink:

Will check to see if I have any larger ones in my stash.

23 inch baby= 5 1/2 in. tall head,shoulder to tip of fingers 11 1/2 in.,Leg to bottom of heel 11 in. and if you want to include foot it is 3 1/2 in. long foot.Hope that helps.Thats the measurements on my Luca look-a-like kit that somebody sold me on Ebay as Luca,but it’s gorgeous anyway.

Yes! Very helpful, thank you! Could you please measure from the wrist to finger tips for me? Sorry I completely forgot to say that above. I dont want to make a body with man hands! Lol

2 1/2 inch to her middle ( longest ) finger.

Thank you soo much!!

You are welcome.Good luck on making them.Don’t forget you need the joints too.I used 55, 65 and some 45 mm., back when I made the bodies.

Yes thank you! Any ideas on where to buy them? I know BB used to sell them, but I think they’re discontinued

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Can’t wait to see what you come up with, I would help you but everything is packed up. :worried: