Baby hannah

I painted this baby for a friend for her birthday she has no idea


Aw. Shes adorable <3

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Thank you

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Wow she is beautiful!

That is so sweet of you! She will have the best surprise ever!!!

She’s lovely and Ill bet your friend will be over the moon. I love making “present” babies. I made one for one of my aides and Im making a Harry Potter baby for my niece :slight_smile:

She’s beautiful!

She will be over the moon!

Can I be your friend? Oh what a wonderful gift! Beautiful baby! I’d love to see her reaction when she gets her :heart_eyes:

I will post it when she gets her and thanks for everyone for the nice comments


Awwwww! They kind of look alike!!! Great job!
Was she so happy!!??

That’s so sweet!

You are right they do kinda look alike, perfect choice. :slightly_smiling_face:

She is beautiful!

What is this kit?

Shes hannah by reva schick macpherson has her for 89.00

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Sometimes they ship right away and sometimes its takes longer

I love to squinted eyes