Baby grinch outing

Taking baby grinch on an outing with my granddaughter lol


Oh love!!! I wish I would have made my hubby a grinch. Lol he loves him! No time now oh well. He’s adorable!!!

WEll I am so in love with this little grinch!!!

This grinch is awesome! Which sculpt did you use? Did you make his outfit? :heart_eyes:

Love him!

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Thank you!

I used Zuri! I just love her chin lol!

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Thank you

I found his outfit on Etsy. I’m waiting for the Santa hat to come in

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How was your outing? I bet you had fun! I love zuris chin too!

We had fun. My granddaughter loved it! I’ll use all I can to get them grandkids attention lol!

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Ohhh I have an extra Zuri lol :heart_eyes:. What greens did you use if you don’t mind my asking :slight_smile:

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I used phthalo green and yellow. Have fun. I really enjoyed just doing my own thing

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