Baby Genevieve (Isabella)

I just wanted to share one of the dolls in our personal collection with you guys. She was reborned by “Pink Peony Reborns”. I can’t remember her first name off bat, but she is an artist out of Canada.
This was my first reborn doll purchase and it was a gift for my daughter on her 7th birthday.
She did an amazing job and I can’t tell you how real this baby looks in person. Her hair painting skills are so amazing.
I’d love to try painting Josephine which is Genevieve’s twin.
She has a page on FB if you would like to check out her work for inspiration. I just love her babies. :heart::heart:


Beautiful baby! Amazing hair! :heart_eyes:


So cute!

Does she has a combo hair or it just a shadow on top of her head in your pictures?

Before I’ve read your text I though it’s yours new baby #2.

@Tessa I don’t know if you are browsing, but it’s a relatively new postings from Groovy Reborn Art Dolls. They do a very realistic hair painting. am in wow from those hairs also!

She has just a small patch of rooting on the top.

I’ll have to check them out!
I wish Genevieve would have been my work lol. Maybe one day.
I am working on # 2 and 3 though. Liam and Rose. #1 is still waiting for me to finish rooting. It’s very time consuming and I have broken all my needles. Also, my fingers literally had holes in them from rooting. I had to let it heal. It’s definitely a job!

@YelenaRey I want to give you a tip too. If you decide to root, do not root at your paint station! I am learning the hard way. I have tiny hairs all over that is getting in my paint! Soooooo annoying.

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I bought 2 Liams. I think at that time I was contemplatin an idea to do twins and make 2 babies at the same time :sweat_smile:. Will be waiting to see yours.
This is exactly why I don’t want even try to root the whole head and want to get better at hair painting :slight_smile:

I watched for several months and see that well painted dolls of experienced RA with painted hair sell equally good as dolls with rooted hair. We just need to catch-up to that level :yum: But for me it’s not a competition and not a source of income, it’s a hobby that I enjoy. So if it will take several years to get better, so be it. :slight_smile:


Yep, I learned that from one of the tutorials. But Thank You anyway.

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Yes, it’s a hobby for me too. I love the art and really enjoy making dolls. I’m also a collector though so I want to keep every kit I buy lol. That’s going to be my issue.
I have 8 kits. I am giving them all away with the exception of 3. I would like to sell those to buy more kits. Then I will sell those kits. I want to improve my skill before selling them.
But I always say I’ll sell stuff and end up donating everything I make. I work with foster children so that’s usually where all my dolls and handmade stuff end up. :heart:


I wonder how she achieve those pink tones especially the lips and blushing. She’s so lovely!

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Thank you. I think she’s lovely too. She has so many colors in her. I can’t make out what the artist uses. She’s truly talented though.

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She’s very gorgeous and the artist is a master reborner.

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