Baby fx singles

Hi!! What are a few colors I could buy to use as touch up? Or maybe mix with air dry varnish? I want to try a few before COMPLETLY jumping in๐Ÿ˜€

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These are on my must have list:

Blush and Mottle
Skin tone Base
Naturalise (it is pretty close to yellow ochre and I use it as such)
Blue Vein
Thin Skin (this is a great color for green washes, neturalizing pink vinyl, and thinned down for a final wash on baby at times to pull color together)
Dark Crimson (I mix blue with this color to make purple shades and to make a shade I like to use for creases)
Caramel Skin is a great color to warm up the bland vinyls
Strawberry Skin is a great color to pink up yellow vinyls

I have also found that if you donโ€™t have any of the Baby FX Slow Dry but do have Jo Sonjas Retarder that the Jo Sonjas Retarder works very well with the Baby FX in the place of Slow Dry.


Thank you ladies!

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I"ve been wanting to try these too! Thanks for asking @Nikkiroc! :slight_smile: