Baby fx paints

Has anyone tried out Melissa George’s baby fx paints? My neice ordered the hair painting supplies an we don’t use air dry. She says she was told by a fellow reborner that she could use them once she is totally finished with her baby. She said that as long as it’s cured an no matte varnish she can use them to paint the hair. She is 13 driving me nuts with these paints lol. I never used air dry. So does anyone know if she can paint her baby with ghsp an paint the hair with air dry paints? She says im just mad because she keeps selling her babies bald lol. I just wish she would give them some hair. I notice a lot of bald an hair painted babies. I hate rooting too but it’s so worth it when you get the hang of it an have good hair to work with. We finally have a lot of good hair. Very nice to root with. But who am I to say anything she has sold 5 babies bald for 150 an up. Bb kits that I paid 20 bucks for so maybe I should just let her do her thing. But I am very curious if these air dry paints will work. I would like to try hair painting myself. There is one technique that I love looks like the hair is coming off the head. Kinda the 3d look but can’t find anything on it. So I may have to get a hair painting ebook off Lara. My niece cracks me up I buy all the stuff she needs to reborn kits paints etc. an she sells a baby an orders more kits. She is actually really good at 13 so she can only get better. All the babies she have sold have been to people at her job an they all love there babies. No complaints. Very proud of lainey she has come along way since she has moved in with me. I know she’s gonna be stalking the forum lol. I told her I was gonna ask you all what you think lol

Post some pics of both your babies

@heartstringsnursery uses the FX paints and may be able to give you some input. I haven’t used the FX paints, but I don’t know of any reason why you could not use it over GSHP. Let us know how it goes.

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I have not tried painting the Baby FX over GHSP. My first thought is that it might go on there but I’m not so sure it would stay because Baby FX is water-base paint and GHSP is oil-base paint. Before I went to all the trouble of painting the hair, I would try it on a test part, let it cure about 24 hours, and then try to wash or rub it off.


I have not used the FX paints but they should be acrylic based paints like all other air dry paints. Yes, you can paint over Genesis heat set paints with air dry paints AFTER the Genesis heat set paints have been fully heat set. I have done this with Jo Sonjas and LDC and Hunnybuns paint. Some air dry paints will turn orange when exposed to heat (LDC that I know of) so you want to be sure you are finished with all your heat setting first. Be extra sure the heat set products are fully heat cured or the water from the air drys will cause the uncured Genesis to crackle up.


Thank you :slight_smile: im gonna try in today on a practice kit. I will let you know how it works.

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Well the baby fx paints I’m having a hard time with but it does say In the directions you can use it. With ghsp. This is my first time with air dry an painted hair. I just cured my practice head an I’m gonna try again. I need something on hair painting to help me out. I’m sure there is a tutorial somewhere I could use a a guide. I will post pictures when I get it done. If anyone decides to buy them you need both hair painting sets. One comes with all the paints an the other comes with a texture an sealer I believe well here is the link if anyone wants to try them out.